• Become a Money & Abundance Magnet in 44 Days

    Master Your Money Mindset: Virtual Group Coaching Course

  • Why This Course?

    This group coaching course’s primary focus is to help you learn how to conquer your limiting beliefs around money and remove the blocks that have hindered you from manifesting your dream life. If these thoughts persist:

    "I NEVER have enough money, I am barely getting by"

    "I Can’t afford that"

    If you are nodding your head, saying. “Yes.” I have a solution for you my friend and this is the course for you. My passion is to teach you how to apply the Law of Abundance to your life right now! I am 100% dedicated to your success.


    In 44 days you can transform your life. I will teach you my proven formula INTENTION + ENERGY + INSPIRATION + DESIRE + ACTION = MANIFESTING MOJO™

    Other coaching methods and programs only scratch the surface talking about how to attract more money. One thing I know and that is energy and how to get results for my clients. Why 44 days?

    4 reasons for 44 days:

    1) Metaphysicians and yogis place much emphasis on the repetition of a 40-day practice.

    2) The number has scientific significance, too: research has shown that after repeating a new pattern for 40 days, you can change the neural pathways in your brain to create long-lasting change.

    3) It takes 40 days to change a habit.

    4) 44 days so we can celebrate as a group and I can throw in some extra bonuses. I love to give!


    This is a LIVE & interactive Virtual Group Coaching program for maximum support, so I can guide you properly during your journey. I am coaching Live because I want you to receive results and if you are not sure if you can make this time commitment, there are recordings of all calls, a FREE Secret FB community for additional support and I am with you each and everyday.


    The results of this course will teach you to apply your own blend of energy directly into your world and light the fire of abundance within you!


    When negative thoughts surrounding our money our money exists, this energy focus keeps us STUCK in the muck and blocks your ability to manifest your power. There is a better way!

    The Become a Money Magnet in 44 Days" Virtual Program will help you overcome the debilitating effects of negative thought patterns around money. You will learn to shift this energy into a powerful outcome for you.


    Get ready for massive shifts and an increased surge of confidence!

    When you are at your peak energy level, you can then tap into other universal energies and laws such as the law of abundance and law of attraction.

    I would like to teach you the "secrets" of using the Law of Abundance for your life and business.


  • Do any of these feelings

    resonate with you?

    ♥ I never have enough!

    I am up all night worrying about how to pay my bills.

    ♥ I am blocked and I do not know what to do, I need help!

    ♥ I am tired of living from paycheck to paycheck every month.

    ♥I have tried to manifest and it did not work. I want to learn how to use and apply the Law of Attraction in my life, today.

  • Money Magnet's

    Real Time Results from Clients

    • I manifested a brand new biz course I've wanted forever!
    • I have been seeing tons of dimes, and manifested money to stay afloat this month plus manifested my new job previous to this challenge with Maureens guidance.
    • I manifested lots of help. Bills paid. Services.
    • Honestly, the best part was all the new friends and gained confidence! But I also manifested two sales in my Etsy shop and I'm sure more is yet to come!
    • Two new prospects and I got asked to be a guest blogger for a moms website.

  • Included in this Course:

    • 4-90 Minute Virtual Sessions in a Zoom Room 60 minutes of learning with 30 minutes ask me anything Q&A
    • 4-Energy Clearing Sessions per week to help you remove blocks and shift your money mindset
    • Tools to help you manifest more money
    • Action steps to apply the weekly assignments I am a RESULTS coach so ACTION, ACTION, ACTION 
    • A Secret FB group to share the journey with your new tribe
    • Replay's of all recordings
    • Bonus: 1 extra 90 min celebration Q & A Partay! Ask me Anything 

    Week 1 Tuesday March 14th 2017 

    9:00 PM EST

    Introduction to the Formula​

    We learn how to get into peak energy alignment using this formula:INTENTION + ENERGY + INSPIRATION + DESIRE + ACTION = MANIFESTING MOJO™

    Week 2 Tuesday March 21

    9:00 PM EST

    Reframe the Money Story ​

    Shift your old thinking to Inspired Action. This week we explore the deep blocks holding you back and finish with a money energy block clearing session.

    Week 3 Tuesday April 4th

    9:00 PM EST

    Amplify your Money Mojo​

    Learn to use your energy to shift your mindset. Energy is everything and getting into peak energy alignment we need to start feeling this. We did the hard work now it is time to get into action.

    Week 4 Tuesday April 11th

    9:00 PM EST

    Action & Activation

    Secret Sauce my top tricks to peak energy performance so you can create more wealth. Now we put it all together. Action and Implementation Week. Show me the $$$ time!

    Week 5 Tuesday April 18

    8:30 PM EST

    Celebration Jam Session + Bonus Q & A: Ask Me Anything Strategy Session ​

    This week is deep dive laser coaching. Everyone will get a chance to have their burning desire questions answered.

  • Are you ready to fearlessly bust through your $$$ blocks and

    take charge of your own life?

    Why start living your dream tomorrow when you can start today!

  • Payment Plan Options

    Are you ready to own your manifesting powers, transform Your life and grow Your bank account?

    Choose the plan that works best for you.

  • Early Bird Bonuses

    First 10 people to sign up, Receive all this for free!!! 

    1. One-90 minute Group Energy Clearing for Releasing Money Blocks  (Value $500) 
    2. Ultimate Manifesting Toolkit (Value $97) 
    3. Surrender & Release Money Blocks Meditation (Priceless) 
    4. Spiritual Toolkit for Abundance (Value $297)
    5. New this year: Coaching Hot Seats. This is so cool, you will be directly coached by me and have your burning desire questions answered live, omgee so much fun.  
    6. One-30 minute Strategy Call with me




  • Your Teacher & Guide

    Maureen Saladino Master Energy Healer & Coach

    Hey Soul Tribe, my passion is to help you manifest the life of your wildest dreams. I am super excited to share this with you, and be your pocket cheerleader while you learn how to master your money mindset.

    As a result of participating in Becoming a Money Magnet Group Coaching, in 44 days you will reclaim your power, shift your mindset and learn how to activate YOUR manifesting mojo.



  • Love Notes from Money Magnet Students

    Real Time Results 

    Jennifer Russel

    Motivational Speaker & Women's Empowerment Coach​

    To explain my experience working with Maureen was so life changing it is hard to just put into words without seeing the expressions on my face and soul. This was my first time working with anyone one on one and also taking a course which is completely out of my comfort zone but the ABSOLUTE best decision I have ever made.  I literally used the last money I had in my account at the time and bit the bullet and took the course.  What I received in return was 1,000 times more than the amount I paid!!!!  I felt so at home and safe with her and her guidance.  She is a no no nonsense teacher but also is very understanding and compassionate to what you are going through.  She pushed me to dive so deep within myself and unlock doors and issues I didn’t even realize that were holding me back from prospering in my own happiness, relations and finances.  Maureen is a plethora of knowledge spiritually but also worldly.  She can see when you need to be pushed to do better, encouraged to not give up and to be proud of the progress you have made which in my eyes defines a magnificent coach.  I guarantee working with Maureen you will 100% make progress in your life if as long as you put in the work.  Not only has she helped me to be able to start helping me heal myself of debilitating illness, improve my life and relationships but also Manifest like a beast!  =)  She teaches you the tools to prosper in all areas of your life and you find that inner confidence and love within yourself.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Maureen earlier.  Now I cant imagine not taking a course or having a one on one coach to help become the best me I can be! Investing in myself was the most rewarding gift I could have given myself and am forever grateful for all the amazing knowledge, lessons, talks, help and love received by Maureen. I look forward to every course she has to offer and to continue to excel in life with the wonderful new tools and gifts I have learned. I can honestly say my life has changed majorly over the past two and a half months and look forward to even more growth.  Thank you again Maureen for all that you do and sharing your amazing gifts! – 

    Aly Siefert

    Professor at Yale​

    Maureen is one of the most soulful people I’ve ever met; she’s incredibly gifted, passionate, and caring. As a newcomer to the spiritual realm, I feel safe and well-guided by Maureen, who prepares informative presentations, attracts interesting, growth-minded people, and continually shares meaningful information. I appreciate her real talk and deep commitment to each person with whom she engages. While I was lucky enough to feel her contagious energy in person, I have also perceived energetic shifts during her online workshops, and I’m living proof of the powerful abundance manifestations that can occur when working with Maureen! At the first session I attended, I asked Maureen to send positive vibes to help me get selected for a dream job, and I’m thrilled to share that I signed my generous job offer today!! Thanks Maureen, and the more I interact with you, the more I am inspired and amazed by you!!